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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

There are those that believe in God through the basis of faith or through the unexplainable occurrences that bring people to believe in what is Him. This group of people can be defined as “casual theists”. Then there are those that show a belief in God for the astonishing design and order of the world. This group of people can be considered “design theists”. But there also those that question their faith or just simply don’t have faith that God is real because there isn’t physical proof of his existence and they fear what they can’t comprehend. This group is known as “atheists”. Through a few rational considerations and ideas that lack a pure explanation, I have come to believe that God is in existence. 
One consideration to take into account is the idea that there is a cause for everything. The Earth and the entire solar system had to be created from somewhere. There has to be a reason these planets and they can’t just be. Science has a certain explanation, but this information can only explain to a certain extent. The concept of having a cycle between evaporation, condensation, perspiration has causes and effects. One affects the other through a continuous cycle. Rain can cause floods, plants to grow, and, in some cases, metal objects to rust. There are also endless possibilities and causes of illnesses. Where do they originate from? The very germs in a person’s body could cause an illness, or multiple germs carried through the air could enter the body by a person simply taking a breath. 
Another consideration to look over and think about is the very existence of the human population. Families are built through generations of reproduction and it can be considered a continuous chain relying on cause and effect. The miracle of a child becoming part of a family is considered part of His power. God brought Adam and Eve into this world and brought them together to form the human population. It is said that humans originate from these two human structures. Humankind had to begin somewhere. We couldn’t have been popped out of thin air and just started a family to create a widespread population. This miracle of having babies has infinite possibilities. Birth creates the continuance of mankind. You could also apply this idea to that of other mammals as well. Then there are other living organisms such as birds that don’t necessarily participate in sexual intercourse, such as birds. A bird’s nest is still an extraordinary thing. These birds weren’t man made and we certainly didn’t invent the bird. A bird had to have come into existence from on outside force because at one point birds may not have existed.
From the “design theist” perspective, they believe that the world’s magnificent order convinces them that there is “Designer” that created the world. Nature is a well constructed machine that has thousands of physical objects that relate to each other in natural and beautiful way. By looking from this perspective, it helps a person believe that the world couldn’t have appeared out of the blue or by chance. By seeing the world as a “machine”, it brings a person to believe that a powerful force built the world because machines can’t pop out of thin air. They are made and designed by a person of intelligence. Machines have to be put together in the proper ways and sequences for things to work properly. Nature is a complex fortress of organisms interacting with each other. The human body is compiled of multiple parts that regulate and keep the body at the same temperature. Lungs keep air flowing so that a person can continually breathe. The heart keeps blood flowing throughout the body. The human body is its own personal machine. Machines aren’t just the mechanical objects such as watches, televisions, and computers. They can be the living organisms all throughout nature. Nature being a natural machine can bring a conclusion that the world was created by a powerful “Designer” or “God”.

Atheists, on the other hand, believe people fear what they can’t comprehend and that’s how religion is formed. They see conforming to a religion is a way for people to say they submit to the higher power rather than trying to understand. There has been a supposed decline in religion. People went from believing in “spirits” and being surrounded by them to slowing diminishing the number of Gods to one. Belief systems had gone from the polytheistic view to a more monotheistic view. As the human race hit the Scientific Revolution, there was more questioning of religion as people became more educated. God became the creator of the “great machine” but left it running is a way to see the concept of deism. There is a belief in God, but it is not as prominent as before. Then the creation of biology shows that the human body is more so natural adaptations to the surroundings. Thus making atheists think that the need for a supreme being such as God seems so insignificant. Knowledge had taken over and led to the diminishing belief in God.
The arguments that atheists present about diminishing use of religion seems to be much more of a stress. The idea that the Scientific Revolution killed people’s belief in God isn’t necessarily true. I don’t feel that because science had become more widespread later in history and that there were developed explanations for systems means that God is not in existence. I bring back the idea of cause and effect. Applying this idea can show that Galileo found laws pertaining to motions between the planets. Galileo couldn’t have just constructed his theory out of the thin air. He had to have been hit with it somehow. Biology explains how the human body is developed but doesn’t necessarily highlight on where they originated. Biology is a developed explanation of how babies are formed. It explains reproduction. But who initially came up with sex or even the idea of an opposite sex? Why not make every living organism asexual? Humankind had to start in a specific time period with two of the first human beings. We can’t explain the unexplainable, but that doesn’t mean we fear it. Sometimes things are out of a person’s control. A snowstorm causing many car accidents can be unpredictable but they happen. Of course, the logical thing to say would be that it’s just bad weather. What’s weather really controlled by? Is it completely explainable? The correct answer would be not really. When a person watches the weather channel they’re given a forecast. I have found that the weather channel isn’t always the most accurate. There were days during this past winter that should have had huge snowstorms but I never really saw something. Tornadoes are considered to be unpredictable as well. You can’t say that there isn’t a God or Designer, if you can’t explain why a tornado is so unpredictable. Is there really an answer that can be scientifically found that would explain every phenomenon? Not necessarily.

From the rational considerations I have discussed, God is in existence. There are many others, such as atheists, that may not necessarily agree with my argument. But there is a great amount of the human populations that do believe in God, and attend church on a regular basis. There are those that find calmness and awe in simple organisms. Nature and the world are large machines created by a powerful “Designer”, and someone powerful had to be able to put the parts together in the proper order in order for the machines to function properly. Things don’t happen for no reason at all, there is an unknown driving force that people believe connect themselves with their God or that the force is God.